Whiplash Injury Lawyers

Jun 25, 2022

Injured in a car accident? You may have a whiplash injury. If so, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to pursue a claim. Many whiplash injury attorneys are experienced and have a proven track record helping victims. You can request a free case evaluation today, and begin pursuing compensation for your pain and suffering. Let us help you find the right attorney. A free case evaluation can help you feel confident that you are getting the compensation you deserve.

In one case, an SUV driver who was traveling at 10 miles per hour rear-ended a pickup truck and didn't hit the brakes before impact. The impact caused the truck to roll several times. The SUV's owner suffered a head injury when the truck rolled over, as well as injuries to his neck, left shoulder, and leg. The injured driver sought medical treatment for three months, and the chiropractor prescribed him exercises to improve his posture and prevent further pain and discomfort. In his lawsuit, he will likely receive $8,000 to $15,000 for his medical bills.

Although you'll need to prove that the accident wasn't your fault, you can still collect compensation if the other party's insurance company agreed to pay the amount. In addition, whiplash injury lawsuits often require you to prove that the other driver was at fault. However, even if you're the only one responsible for the crash, you can still collect damages and get the compensation you deserve. And don't forget about the emotional toll of a car accident - you won't be able to return to work for months or years after you were injured.

Even if you aren't aware of a potential lawsuit, it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately following the accident. Whiplash can impact your daily life and can even interfere with your ability to work. This can affect your salary and quality of life. If you suffer from whiplash, talk to a personal injury attorney to find out whether you should pursue it. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner you can start recovering from your injuries and getting your life back to normal.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, the compensation you may receive in a whiplash injury lawsuit can be as high as $250,000, or even more. This is true in some cases, especially if the other driver was working for another company and deliberately trying to harm you. Such a case falls under punitive damages, which means you can recover a substantial sum even if your injuries were not serious enough to warrant that kind of compensation.

While filing a lawsuit for a whiplash injury in Sacramento, you must be aware that you have only two years to file a claim. This deadline begins when you first identify the injury. In some cases, the injury may only become apparent three months after the accident. Regardless of when you decide to file your lawsuit, you should not miss this deadline unless you are unable to prove that you were the victim of a negligent driver. A skilled lawyer in California can help you protect your rights and maximize your chances of success in recovering compensation.